Hungarian National Trading House - Hungarian Trade Development LLC

The organization was created by the Hungarian State, aiming to open and activate new markets, new opportunities for Hungarian enterprises. Its primary mission is to support the matchmaking of domestic and foreign partners and to prompt the export activities of domestic companies, furthermore to maximalize the export of Hungarian products and services, thereby boosting economic growth and higher employment.

The main relational focuses of the institution are tailored to the current foreign economic strategy: Beside the retention of existing export markets (European Union) to conquer new, dynamically developing markets (the Balkans, Eastern Europe, the Far East).

Under the aegis of the Hungarian National Trading House (MNKH), the Hungarian Trade Development LLC leads Enterprise Europe Network Consortium of Hungary.

The basic services are complemented with the Enterprise Europe Network. As an international project it expands the customer base of the LLC and broadens its colorful range of services. The Enterprise Europe Network MNKH is especially active in the following international groups:


Partnering opportunities