PRIMOM Foundation for Promoting Enterprises

The PRIMOM Foundation for Promoting Enterprises in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County was established in 22th August 1990, as the first county enterprise promoting foundation. It is a non profit organisation the activities are financed by national and EU grants and own incomes.

Aim of the Foundation

Operating a county enterprise promoting programme for the improvement of the economic development in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county with coordinated use of national and international financial sources.

Main activities

Enterprise Europe Network: PRIMOM Foundation is a member of the Hungarian EEN consortium (HCE). This network is the official enterprise promoting network of the European Commission it operates under the supervision of EACI and DG Enterprise&Industry. It has more than 500 members in about 60 countries worldwide, including not just the EU, but China, Russia, Africa and the US too. Services of the network: Business development activities, general consultation and information services for SMEs; Organisation of workshops, conferences, information days, bilateral meetings, professional open days; Business and technology partner search (BCD and BBS databases), technological audits, etc. We have more than 2000 clients each year.

Micro Credit and other Micro Financing: In favour of the development efforts of SMEs these programmes support their investments and purchases with very low interest rates. We give loans from 3.500 Euros to 180.000 Euros.
Business Incubator and Innovation Centre helps start-ups and SMEs with small capital from the producing and service providing sectors with lower rent expenses than in the profit driven market. The area of the incubator is 3500 m2 (offices, conference rooms, exhibition halls, workshops and a restaurant), there are 120 rooms let and the 56 tenants.
Consultancy on Regional Development and Financial Sources: Informing SMEs and start-ups on regional development programmes, financial sources, business management, and international market access opportunities. Giving them up to date advice on how to establish, operate and develop SMEs.
Editing and Disseminating Publications in different topics (eg. agriculture, quality management), about 50.000 100.000 copies per year.


Euro Info Centre: Operating the Euro Info Centre project (the predecessor of the EEN) for eight successful years. Participation as project coordinator in specific actions.
R&D Informational and Advisory Services: Operating the regional R&D Advisory and Information Office in cooperation with the University of Debrecen and Innogate Consulting Ltd. This office promoted the innovation opportunities of SMEs with basic and value added consultancy. The 6th Framework Programme of the EU was mediated.
Participation in the „Romanian-Hungarian Business Supports” project; founding and operating the First Hungarian Agricultural Auction Market; establishing and operating the SME Industrial Park and Innovation Project; participation in the EU 6th R&D Framework Programme and in the Growth Campaign coordinated by the European Committee.
Projects in the PHARE CBC, TACIS, INTERREG and Hungary – Romania Cross Border Cooperation Programme.
Generating Business and Economy Promoting projects.

Partnering opportunities