Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion

The Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion (ZMVA) has been established in Zala county in 1992 by the intermediation of Zala County Self-Government, as the only founder.
ZMVA operates as a member of a national network, but it is a non-profit organization that is independent organizationally and financially, and an important element of the Hungarian institution system promoting the improvement of the national and international economic relations.


Promoting the economic development of Zala county, supporting the establishment, survival and first of all growing of micro-, small- and medium-enterprises by operating a central enterprise promotion office and a county-level sub-office network - that is self-supporting for a longer term -, which help the entrepreneurs of the county by high level, adequate and available services and projects.

Its activities:

  • Educating, training the entrepreneurs and the potential ones, providing them advising and information;
  • Supporting the starting businesses by reduced office rents in our incubator houses;
  • Promoting the supply of financial resources for the entrepreneurs;
  • Assisting the research-development, innovation abilities;
  • Services helping the internal EU integration;
  • Supporting the business developing efforts of the entrepreneurs by connections, programs, organizing businessmen-meetings.
  • All services which promote the development of the county and the entrepreneurs (even on national level);
  • Generating, starting, operating enterprise- and economy developing programs for the sake of the development of the entrepreneurs by participating in transnational and cross-border projects.
  • Completing informatory publications, specialist books, studies, training materials in different themes, publishing wood- and furniture industrial catalogues, a wood industrial specialist dictionary, etc.
  • Operating different business developing portals: – business partner matching, – complex tour packages, – cluster cooperation.

Priority programmes:

  • Microfinancing

Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion has started to operate the micro-credit program, at the end of the year 1993.
The program has set an aim to support, strengthen the operating enterprises first of all. There is a great interest towards the micro-credit in Zala county, and due to the favourable changes the development resource is available for each well-founded enterprises, having an appropriate security, which meets the other requirements of the micro-credit program.

Partnering opportunities